"The best in Santa Barbara. We could not make it through high school with out the support from Anne. She is a rock star. Collegebound is a great service. Our family recommends it highly."

-Cyndi, Chloe and Robert Richman, Santa Barbara, CA (Laguna Blanca family)

“…I wanted to also let you know how I am seeing such a change in my son’s interest in the test, applying to colleges and his "attitude" in general about these - and he is influencing his friends :). I know that your tutoring sessions are a big part of this transformation, so thank you!!…I just wanted to be sure to share with you my (our) deep appreciation for helping to prepare him for the series of upcoming tests as well as let you know how your efforts, style, and approach have much farther reaching implications and outcomes beyond just getting good scores. You seem to have a way to really connect with these bright teenage boys …So many thanks to you, Anne, for both what you do and how you are accomplishing it! Parents like me are extremely grateful to the effective "coaches" in our children's lives. We can't do it alone!”

-Kim, Santa Barbara CA (Dos Pueblos Parent)

“Collegebound SB is simply the best tutoring service available anywhere. My daughter, who is smart, focused, diligent and has a packed schedule, was having difficulty in French. CB spent time with me (the parent) and the student (my daughter) to understand what was needed and why it was needed and matched her with a fantastic tutor that tailored her schedule to meet my daughter’s schedule. The results speak for themselves – an A for both semesters… in my daughter’s least favorite subject, no less!! This year, CB is in the process of developing a program to help my daughter meet the challenge of the SAT exam. There is no Others service I would trust with this task.”
-Pete Groetzinger, Waco, TX (Cate School parent)
“Hey Anne! Just wanted to let you and Amanda know, I got into UCLA, UC Berkeley and UCSD! Thank you so much for your help, without you and Amanda I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am forever grateful. Thank you for everything!!!!”
-Juliana, Santa Barbara, CA
"Collegebound SB has been a wonderful resource for our family. My high school daughter works with an amazing tutor, who was carefully chosen to most effectively meet my daughter’s specific needs. Our tutor has become mentor, role model, teacher, life coach and friend. My daughter has made progress in many areas, thanks to the sensitivity of her tutor. Her level of confidence has risen, and she has volunteered that she has acquired academic skills that will support her in the future. Her tutor recognized subtle issues that, when addressed, have enhanced the entire learning experience. Personal service and genuine commitment to students and families has won our confidence and respect."
-Lisa Ross, Montecito, CA (Santa Barbara HS parent)
“With regards to test preparation, we have used A LOT of tutors and you guys have surpassed all of them!”
-Maria, Santa Barbara, CA (Bishop Garcia Diego HS parent)
“First and foremost, it’s been a great pleasure working with both Shannon and Anne. Both of my daughters really loved their SAT course work through the Small-Group Course. Collegebound has been so very consistent and flexible with us for both single-subject & SAT prep, that putting our faith and trust in them was never on the table – from the get go, they had it all along! Camille’s real target was to ‘break 2000’ and you and Anne made that happen! Thank you!”
-Sue, Santa Barbara,CA (Dos Pueblos HS parent)
“Next week, our son, Zach, leaves to attend college at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Though a myriad of factors have lead to his acceptance there, we owe a huge amount of credit to…Collegebound Learning Services for helping him (and us) over the last three years in achieving this goal.From helping him hone his college essays to gathering and completing the applications to finding schools that fit Zach’s profile, Anne proved to be a godsend. Patrick, meanwhile, did an absolutely stellar job of coaching Zach to a solid score in the all-important SAT.

But more impressive than their commitment and professionalism was the sincere enthusiasm and joy each of them expressed for Zach’s successes. Throughout the entire process, the feeling was always that we were all in this together, that Zach’s success was as important to them as it was to us."

-Mike Hamer, Santa Barbara, CA (Santa Barbara HS parent)
“I just wanted to say that of all my tutors I have ever had, be it for SATs or Chinese, my ‘Collegebound’ math tutor is by far the best. I just thought you ought to know. Thank you.”
-Cate School Student, Carpinteria, CA
“Once again, your service has come through with an excellent tutor who is helping my daughter reach her math goals. Thank you very much! Rebecca is really working well with Ciel, and I want to compliment Rebecca on her ability to navigate Ciel’s diversion tactics and our sometimes hectic household. She is a very solid tutor, and I would recommend her highly. Thank you for your service! We would be lost in a sea of math dread without it.”
-Rebecca Clark, Santa Barbara, CA (SB Junior High School parent)
“Justin Stocks Smith is fantastic! He really knew how to “speak” to Karina to get through to her and gave her lots of pictures that helped her “get” stuff better. As I am sure you know, every student/person learns differently and his style was great for Karina…she didn’t feel intimidated or stupid for not knowing or understanding which allowed her to ask questions she might otherswise feel were “dumb” and using pictures and analogies was key in her improving. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know you had to accommodate our schedule at last minute…it meant a lot!”
—Jessica Hostler, Santa Barbara (Dos Pueblos HS parent)