1.How long are sessions?
For single-subject tutoring, lessons are one hour, either once a week or twice a week, according to the student’s needs and goals.
For test prep, lessons range from 1.5 hours to 2 hours, either once or twice a week. During the summertime, we offer a more intensive test prep schedule meeting up to three times a week.
2.Where do sessions take place?
Sessions take place at the student’s home or at our learning space in downtown SB.
3.What makes Collegebound Test Prep different from the national test prep programs?
Collegebound Test Prep combines the philosophy and approach of CBSB with years of experience teaching test prep to offer a program personalized to each student’s academic background and college application goals. We assess each student's strengths and weaknesses. We improve academic problem solving and focus on additional facets that can further improve test taking: focus, confidence and emotional strategies which help students think more clearly and calmly on the day of the test.
4.Can Collegebound Test Prep help a student determine whether to take the ACT or the SAT, or whether to take is ISEE or the SSAT?
Yes, we offer assessment testing and feedback to help students determine which test to take.
5.What does the Collegebound Test Prep consist of for the SAT/ACT?
CBSB assesses each student individually to determine an appropriate study schedule based on their academic skill level, test taking history, and college application goals. The study schedule begins with covering the test prep curriculum personalized to each student: learning or reviewing math and grammar skills and improving reading comprehension and writing skills. Once the curriculum is covered, the sessions focus on coaching students through practice tests.
6.When should a student start studying for the SAT/ACT?
Starting the summer or fall of junior year is ideal, because it allows students to incorporate their test prep into their academic schedule. We have consistently found that starting early helps students have a balanced schedule, reduce pressure and stress, and achieve their goals. Starting in the summer of senior year helps students who want to improve their scores and focus on specific areas and skill sets. No matter when a student chooses to start test prep, we create the most efficient schedule to best reach a student’s goals.