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Through one-on-one tutoring and group classes, we improve academic performance, teach problem solving, and inspire confidence that extends far beyond the classroom.

We believe when students feel empowered in their academic life they can fulfill their potential, which creates the foundation for a life filled with curiosity and success in whatever path they choose.

Since 2008, CBSB has successfully worked with families to make real and lasting change for students in Santa Barbara. We offer sessions in-home or in our downtown Santa Barbara learning space.

Our Process
Our Team
Anne Robinson, owner and Director of CBSB, has assessed and tutored students for over fifteen years. She has worked with a wide range of students from public, private and boarding schools. Her focus has always been to provide tools and insight that improve academic skills, empower learning and inspire curiosity and engagement with the world. She works closely with tutors, supporting them as teachers and helping them to address each student’s needs. She has a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Brown University and attended Deerfield Academy.
The Collegebound team consists of a small group of teachers dedicated to helping students understand themselves better: their habits, their ability to focus, and how they can increase their ability to learn. Our tutors hone in on how a student is processing information, and how to break down the learning process into steps that the student can grasp and practice. We ask ourselves how best to work with each individual student, helping them to identify the skills that need improvement, and the techniques and tools that will be most effective. We believe that improved academic skills and confidence can help students throughout their lives, a small victory in math class can empower a student to take more risks in other classes, and ultimately, in life.
Alison Chiaro is a learning specialist, assessing and supporting students on their math and reading skills and is a first grade teacher. She believes in expanding student’s imaginations alongside building and strengthening core skills.
Joe A Robinson has a M.A. in Neuroscience and Education from Columbia University, and is a certified co-active life coach through CTI, and a certified yoga teacher. He helps students and clients identify how they are holding themselves back from from reaching their potential, and helps them transform those patterns into proactive structures.
Rachel Grillot, PHD candidate for Psychology at UCSB, has taught and tutored many students at both the high school and college level, including preparing students for standardized testing. She believes education is a joy and a privilege and her goal is to help students see that perspective.
Mona Akhiary is working towards a degree in BioChemisty at UCSB. Mona has worked extensively with many students, including mentoring children with special needs and working at Camp Ronald MacDonald. She believes in the power of helping students understand that life is a process of learning and teaching Other.
Savannah Dearden has a M.A. in Molecular and Cellular Developmental Biology from UCSB, isa selfproclaimed biochemistry nerd. As a triathlete she understands the importance of teaching perseverance to her students. She believes that any concept is learnable if approached with patience and persistence, and, as a tutor, she strives to instill this belief in students during every session.
Andrew Bertolero has a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences from UCSB, and in addition to tutoring, educates and coaches physical trainers to become better teachers. He believes learning is the continuous drive to better oneself and focuses on teaching students how to learn and giving them the confidence to tackle challenging problems.
  • Reading and math skills.
  • Overall Learning & Academic Confidence.
  • Test Prep Assessment.
Foundational K-5
  • Student Assessment.
  • Reading Skills.
  • Math Skills.
  • Writing skills.
  • Passive —> Pro-active Learning.
Academic 6-12
  • Student Assessment.
  • Passive —> Pro-active Learning.
  • Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Life Science, Environmental Science, Computer Science US History, World History, AP Spanish, French, Italian.
  • Identify areas affecting academic success.
  • Setting personal & academic goals.
  • Creating weekly structure & schedule.
  • Student accountability check-ins.
  • Passive —> Proactive learning and living.
  • Assess organizational habits and study skills.
  • Teach and implement time management strategies for short term and long term goals and assignments.
  • Create a system for organization tailored to student's needs and personality.
  • Provide a system of accountability.
  • Teach and implement executive function strategies.
  • Teach strategies for learning challenging academic material.
  • Build confidence in learning problem solving.
  • Support for ADD and ADHD students.
  • Academic Essay Writing Instruction.
  • College Essay Application Support.
  • Assess student's writing skills.
  • Support student in defining structure for content.
  • Encourage student to develop ideas and writing with greater clarity and specificity.
  • Identify any grammatical areas in need of improvement.
  • We make applying to colleges easy!
  • Applications schedule.
  • Student accountability check-ins.
  • Support with essay writing.
  • Support with short answer writing.
  • Help students best represent themselves with each facet of the application.
  • We are a thoughtful, dedicated team of high-caliber teachers who care about our students and who love to teach.
  • We provide engaging, dynamic classes and top-of-the-line one-on-one tutoring, so each student has the necessary structure and support to do their best.
  • Because CBSB is a full service learning service company, we understand how to help students improve their foundation in math, reading, grammar and writing. We not only teach test strategies, but we help students to become stronger academically and better problem solvers to maximize test scores.
Classes & Workshops

Sunday Oct 6, 2PM

Prep for the Dec 7th SAT Test Date

(6-Part Series)

Sunday March 14, 2PM

Prep for Apr 4th ACT

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Sunday Jan 12, 2PM

Prep for March 14th & May 2nd SAT Test Dates


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One-on-one sessions at student's home or the CBSB Learning Center

Diagnostic assessment to develop personalized curriculum for each student

Matching students with exceptional teachers

SAT Sanity is written by Anne Robinson, director of CBSB Test Prep. Built from techniques she developed for helping students max out their test scores, the method gives students tools to strengthen their test-taking ability by learning how to perform best under stress. The SAT Sanity method is incorporated into our CBSB test prep classes, helping students understand how to maximize their potential!
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